Structures and Technology


The ice rinks of Play on Ice are fun and guaranteed billing. Contact us and discover the experience that will surprise you, your customers and visitors.

What am I hiring?

Increase the number of visitors and consumers in your mall with our PLAY ON ICE ice skating rinks.

Cooling System

Compact cooling unit, more economic and efficient

• Great savings of electricity
• Latest cooling technology using ecological gas, eliminating any risk of toxic gas leaks
• Dimensions corresponding to ¼ the size of a conventional equipment. They can be easily allocated in a regular mall parking spot, occupying a small space.


Our projects are designed to ensure maximum use of marketing tools, creating an excellent business opportunity to our clients.

•Mini billboards around the rink advertising the sponsors or partner´s brands to leverage their sales campaigns and increase their brand visibility
• Enhanced corporate image and credibility of the brand with the combination of quality and the excitement of the event
• Anticipate or combat the competitors actions
• Spontaneous exposure from other medias, such as social medias, TV shows, rádios etc
• The brand association with experience, emotions and physical activity;

Automated System

• Customized software
• Electronic Turnstiles, allowing access control by proximity sensors badges
• Exclusive area for filling disclaimers on computers, eliminating the use of paper
• 24 hours monitoring cameras
• Automatic control for skaters entrance and exit

Skates and Safety Kits

• New Ice Skates, Helmets and safety kits with or without advertising banners;
• rubber Handrail;
• Safety kits according to safety regulations

Make a Budget

We have a flexible and modular structure, designed to meet the most diverse types of spaces, sizes and needs. If your shopping mall offers an area of 2.000 square feet, contact us for a technical visit and verify the feasibility.

Type of hiring

Will the rink be indoors/outdoors?

Do you require a Zamboni/ice resurfacer?

Is the ground at the rink site level? Free of poles/roof support? Cement/other?


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